New Pallets come in two forms: 2-way and 4-way. We supply pallets to the following sectors: Pharmaceutical, Construction, Food/Beverage, Engineering, Chemical, Automotive, and Air transport, Agricultural, IT, Electronics, etc.

Reconditioned pallets

In industries such as food and drink, healthcare, and medical devices, it is essential (and often, a legal requirement) that goods must be shipped on clean, new pallets. However, in situations where this is not necessary, shipping goods on previously used pallets is a practical, not to mention cost-effective and environmentally friendly, option.

Purchase and Sale

We buy and repair used pallets, and always have large quantities in stock for resale. Our reconditioned pallets are repaired to the highest possible standards with kiln-dried native timber.

To satisfy the demand for reconditioned pallents, we are always interested in hearing from people who have used pallets for sale. Please contact us for more information.

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