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Our Pallet Services

Feb 2015
Our used pallets stock are refurbished to a high standard.In many cases reconditioned pallets are the most appropriate and cost effective choice. We can supply large stocks of these, and are always looking to collect unwanted used pallets to recondition.

Pallet Services have years of experience as specialists in the sales of good quality re-conditioned pallets. We repair and re-build recycled pallets back to their original specifications - following rigorous examination and repair procedures using dismantling equipment, quality timber and ring shank nails. This recycling side of the business repairs, sorts and grades pallets from ‘bought-in’ collections and ‘brought-in’ delivered materials for re-use and re-sale.

The wood we recycle is then used again to make and repair pallets where possible, cutting down cost which we pass on to our clients, this can mean large savings. Any material we can not use is recycled in to cattle and horse bedding, panel board production or biomass fuel.

We buy and sell second hand pallets at very competitive prices and stock thousands of quality reconditioned pallets in various sizes which are available for immediate delivery.

We also make new pallets to customer specifications in new wood or in recycled wood thus cutting the cost.

Pallet Services offer a collection and recycling service for all your unwanted pallets.

Save on expenditure and increase on your savings by using our repair service.
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